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Mango Moisture Butter for Face

Image of Mango Moisture Butter for Face

This moisturizer lasts all day!

Scented with calming lavender, it is present while applying to the skin but the scent then quickly fades away.

Unlike heavy moisturizers, Mango Moisture Butter is so light that you're able to apply your make-up immediately after use.

Does your hubby or special little guy in your life have dry skin? Mango Moisture Butter isn't just for us ladies. Men love it too!

Sweet Almond Oil is easily absorbed by the skin, doesn't clog pores and leaves it supple.

Grapeseed Oil combats dryness, soothes irritating skin and aides in preventing breakouts.

Ingredients: raw pressed mango butter, sweet almond oil, *grapeseed oil, lavender, vitamin E(preservative)

2oz, 4oz

*indicates an organic ingredient